From the recording Despicable You (Single)

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Produced by The Matchstick Architects
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Melba Studio, CT, USA

Words and Music by Dar Maloney

Dar Maloney – lead vocal, guitar
Tom Conklin – lead guitar
DiDi Davis – bass, backing vocal
Dennis Cotton – drums

© 2019 The Matchstick Architects



Despicable you
Wicked in the things you say and do
Ruthless in the way you play the game
Addicted to the sound of your own name
Despicable you

Despicable you
Spreading your own gospel like the plague
Controlling every minute of the day
You never let anyone get in the way
Despicable you

I have heard that there is more to you than meets the eye
I see you charm the masses with your charlatan smile
But when I see you out there acting victimized
I start to realize the bitter truth
Despicable you

This is when the tables start to turn
This is when the bridges start to burn
This is what becomes of all your lies
And this is what you get when two worlds collide
Despicable you