The Matchstick Architects are a New England-based indie rock band influenced by an eclectic mix of artists including Lucinda Williams, Bonnie Raitt, Melissa Etheridge, Old 97's and The Decemberists, among others. It's hard to say exactly where the band falls genre-wise, but there is no denying their ability to write and produce music that keeps people wanting more. The band is fronted by vocalist and guitarist Dar Maloney, who consistently wows audiences with her powerful delivery and soulful voice. The band is rounded out by veteran players who really know how to bring it - Tom Conklin on lead guitar, DiDi Davis on bass, and Tom Joyner on drums.

The band performs in and around New England and is currently working on material for their second full album, a follow-up to 2016’s ‘All That’s In Between’. 

For those wishing to dig a little deeper…     

Dar Maloney and Tom Conklin formed The Matchstick Architects as a duo in 2010. With the idea of adding bandmates always a persistent desire, they played small venues and festivals for a couple of years while continuing to write new material. Bassist DiDi Davis came along shortly thereafter. That was a stroke of luck. She was the perfect fit and she added the pulsating low end that was desperately needed. From there, a search for the right drummer began. That search would prove to be a challenge. After going through several drummers that didn’t work out for one reason or another, the band found Paul Unsworth. Paul was the final piece to finishing the band’s debut album. Over his professional career, Paul had played with legendary ex-Rolling Stones guitarist, Mick Taylor, and the legendary Ronnie Spector. Paul played drums on all the album tracks except for one - the soulful blues-rocker, Ready. Band friend and Arlo Guthrie drummer, Terry A La Berry, had already laid down the drum tracks for that one.     

Paul Unsworth relocated his family and had to leave the band in 2015, prior to the albums release. That once again left a hole in the line-up that has been hard to keep filled.   

The first single off the debut album, Little Things, enjoyed a steady rotation on The Exit 97.7 WEXT, a radio station based in Troy, NY which serves the greater Capital District of Albany, NY. The song also came in at #12 on the radio station's Top 60 Local 518 Songs of 2016. The album's second single, The Moment, also placed in the Top 60 in 2017.     

In March 2018, Dennis Cotton came on board as the band’s drummer. His resume included recording more than 40 albums, touring with legendary British blues band Savoy Brown and having played with countless top artists including J. Geils, John Sebastian, Levon Helm. Dennis decided to leave the band in September of 2023 to concentrate on projects closer to home. He did however record a handful of songs with the band before his departure.

In February 2024, the band brought on Tom Joyner to play drums. Tom came to the band with 50 years of experience under his belt playing with local and international bands while he served as a helicopter test pilot in the U.S. Army. He spent three of those years in Germany performing with fellow soldiers and local musicians. Tom also spent time playing in Santa Cruz and around Nashville – and during his deployments in Iraq and Kosovo. After retiring from the Army in 2021, Tom turned his focus to his family and music. 

The Matchstick Architects music can be heard on a variety of terrestrial radio stations in the Northeast, as well as on a number of streaming radio stations. Their music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and most popular streaming services.